Introducing Science Adventure! Summer 2010:

With funding from the Wilsonville Kiwanis, the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation, and the City of Wilsonville Community Services Opportunity Grant, the Wilsonville-based Oregon Health Career Center (OHCC) and the Wilsonville Public Library are collaborating on an innovative new summer education program for the children of Wilsonville.

The program, called Science Adventure, will join the library’s Summer Reading Program with OHCC’s out-of-school science curriculum to help children explore math and science during the summer months. Children will attend Science Adventure classes each week during the summer. Children and parents who don't attend classes will have tools to explore science and track their progress at home.

Classes will be taught by Kiwanians and other local community volunteers including teachers, parents and community members, and will use OHCC's curriculum to reinforce science principles learned in school. Children will explore science through fun, hands-on and interactive experiments focused on The Science of Water, which is tied to this year's Summer Reading Program theme, "Make a Splash at your Library"

Science Adventure will work to enrich the summer of every school age child in Wilsonville and will target children with constructive science and reading activities that keep them engaged in learning; improving their reading habits so they enjoy reading for a lifetime, and nurturing the scientist in every child!

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